Tuesday, October 22, 2019

"3's & 4's" by Sprinters

We suppose one could look at the title of this post and wonder whether it is a training plan for track athletes. That would be wrong -- understandable, but very wrong. But it isn't our fault, as we don't name the songs.  However, whether or not you are a runner, you should pay attention to "3's & 4's" because it is one of the many excellent songs to be found on Struck Gold, which we are confident will be one of the best November releases this year. Sprinters is the project of Neil Jarvis, although for this album we understand that the effort included three others, as well. We will discuss the full length closer to its release date next month, so we will leave you with "3's & 4's", a sad tale with a beautiful, melodic wrapper.

Struck Gold will be released via Meritorio Records.

Bandcamp for Struck Gold
Meritorio Records

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