Thursday, October 3, 2019

Los Blancos - Sbwriel Gwyn

One of our goals here at WYMA, in addition to communal beer drinking and pretending to have a productive hobby while drinking beer, is to encourage music lovers to experience music from outside of their borders. Today's first feature, Sbwriel Gwyn, is an excellent example of why that goal is worthwhile. The product of Welsh quartet Los Blancos, it not only is one of the better albums released in September, but is, in our not-at-all humble opinion, one of the best rocking albums we have heard this year. An exciting and fresh concoction of alt rock, slacker pop, grunge, and punk, it reveals a band disinterested in following whatever is the flavor of the season in London, Manchester, or New York. It's distinctive feel is further enhanced by the lyrical content, which is exclusively sung in Welsh. But this isn't an affectation chosen to try to stand out, it is what Los Blancos are: They are proudly and comfortably Welsh, and they express themselves in Welsh on social media as well.

And although Sbwriel Gwyn is, without a doubt, a rock album, the songs are varied in tempo, intensity and perspective, and make for an enthralling listen even if you don't avail yourself of the translated lyrics. Always visceral and never anything but captivating, you don't want to miss this album.

Los Blancos are Osian (guitar/vocals), Emyr (drums), Dewi (bass/vocals), and Gwyn (guitar/vocals). Sbwriel Gwyn is out now via Libertino Records.

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johnnybgoode said...

Excellent post for 2 reasons: 1. it mentions beer and 2. wow what a find on this band whose name I will not even attempt to spell. I am so ignorant that I did not know the Welsh had their own living language. thanks for the post.