Monday, November 19, 2018

Virgin of the Birds - Numberless Needs

One of our favorite albums of a couple of years ago was Secret Kids by Jon Rooney's Virgin of the Birds project.  So we didn't need much prompting to cue up Numberless Needs, their new five-track EP.  In fact, knowledge that VotB was covering "Wisconsin Polka", by fellow Seattle band the Foghorns might have been enough, as our ranks contain Wisconsin expats as well.  Jon changed a few things about the song (in fact, it is no longer a polka), but that doesn't prevent it from being a great piece of music.  Overall, the EP display's Rooney's wide-ranging interests and versatile songwriting.  Opener "I Fought A Turk", featuring guest US/Scottish artist Faith Eliott is a gentle folk pop melody with a dark lyricism.  "In 1970, Across Philadelphia, Frank Rizzo Broke the Black Panther Party" and "Peter Stone Brown" are both inspired by Jon's home town of Philadelphia.  The former uses a police action against the Black Panthers as a springboard for broader social commentary about oppression of minorities, while launches from memories of a local singer-songwriter and music writer.  After the non-polka "Wisconsin Polka", we arrive at the sharp-edged closer, "Every Rival", in which Jon settles some scores with a song about settling scores.  Numberless Needs is a highly recommended listen, and to prompt you to do that, you'll have to hit the Bandcamp link for "Wisconsin Polka".  We suggest beer as a pairing with the tune.

Virgin of the Birds is Jon Rooney, Colin J Nelson, Ken Nottingham and Paul Baudry.  Numberless Needs is out now as a digital release via Abandoned Love Records.

Bandcamp for Numberless Needs
Abandoned Love Records

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