Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Cleaners From Venus - Life In A Time Machine

Children may be our future, but on behalf of adults of a certain age everywhere I would like to remind the world that we aren't dead yet.  So give the children treats, toys, and story times, but don't forget about us.  In fact, we here at WYMA declare it adult story time.  Today's featured storyteller is Martin Newell, professionally knows as The Cleaners From Venus.  'Wait', you might ask, 'isn't that a musical project?'  Well, yes it is.  Martin writes very nice tunes and performs them with guitars that jangle, ring and chime, just the way we like them.  But the real star is the storytelling.  We all walk through life with our eyes open -- if for no other reason than to avoid open potholes, brick walls, and speeding traffic.  But Martin observes closely, interprets with imagination, and creates vivid stories from everyday life.  So on his latest set of short stories, Life In A Time Machine,  we hear about "The Dandy On The Circle Line" (he of the Italian shoes), "The Children of Waterloo Square", "Timothy Silverspoon" and other characters, places and events.  We can't be there to observe when Martin does, but we have the impression that we are more fully enriched listening to Martin's rendition than if we were there ourselves (focused on avoiding potholes, brick walls and traffic).

So here is story time for us adults.  A few of our favorites are offered below for your evaluation, but you can stream the entire album at the Bandcamp link.  And we had to include "Let's Steal A Train" as the first track because not only is it a great song, but it struck us as the most romantic adventure available that didn't involve fond attachment to another human being.

Bandcamp for Life In A Time Machine

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