Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Value Void - Sentimental

The roots of Value Void are in Argentina, where two of its members began writing songs. Jump break to London and some other projects, recruiting a third member to play bass, and the band which became Value Void came to life.  We read about them before we heard and songs, and tags such as alt rock and proto punk were applied.  But after spinning their new full length Sentimental, we are of the opinion that the general vibe is '90s alt rock (although "Cupid's Bow" in particular drives in the punk lane).  However, we are inclined to offer the big caveat that this band displays enough pop smarts, and enough new century sensibilities that we are reluctant to put them in any box.

What we are willing to do is champion the album.  It is assured, muscular, and stuffed with smart, satisfying songs.  Sometimes upbeat, sometimes moody, but always carefully detailed and performed with conviction.  Check out the streams below and then explore at the Bandcamp link.

Value Void are Paz Maddio, Marta Zabala, Luke Tristram.  Sentimental is out now via Tough Love Records.

Bandcamp for Sentimental

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