Thursday, November 29, 2018

Crabber - Bluesbusters

And now, from Hamburg, we present four-piece Crabber, with their debut LP Bluesbusters.  Providing hooks and jangle, but also offering some scruffy garage vibes and some rocking attitude, this is a set of songs that will erase your just-past-mid-week funk and paint your attitude with a fresh coat of here-comes-the-weekend.  So really, you can look at Bluesbusters as a home improvement product for your mental health.  And around here we are all about mental health -- and improvement -- so long as music and beer are involved.

Crabber are Olli, Uli, Jens, and Peter, and Bluesbusters is out now via Jigsaw Records.

Bandcamp for Bluesbusters


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