Monday, November 26, 2018

The Lovely Sparrows - Shake the Shadow

Happy Monday!  We understand that not everyone welcomes Mondays, but we can make yours a bit better with Shake the Shadow, the new album by The Lovely Sparrows.  The project headed by Texan musician Shawn Jones displayed their potential with a debut album in 2008 and an EP in 2011.   However, the ensuing years were quiet as Jones withdrew to hone his craft.  I don't know whether Shawn worked with a special musical Yoda or did it the hard way by himself, but the results are nothing short of stunning (in fact, Shawn completed graduate studies in musical composition, but let's not let that get in the way of starting a good legend).  However it was accomplished, Shake the Shadow consists of ten tracks of shimmering, robust guitar pop of extraordinary quality and consistency.  The arrangements are delightfully constructed and fully detailed.  Lyrically, Jones intrigues with contemplation of the magical and the mundane.  We recommend this album unhesitatingly, and have already added it to the top group of our year-end favorites list.  This one could be your early Christmas present - to yourself.

In addition to Shawn Jones (vocals/guitars/bass/sax), The Lovely Sparrows are Christopher Cox (vocals/guitars/bass/synths), Lauren Gould (vocals/keys/flute), and Mathew Shepherd (drums/percussion).  Additional instrumental contributions were made by Gray Parsons, Lauren Gurgiolo, Jonas Wilson, and Robert Ellis.  Shake the Shadow is out now via Abandoned Love Records.

Bandcamp for Shake the Shadow
Abandoned Love Records

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