Friday, November 9, 2018

"When I Was Younger" by Tyler Boone

For those readers who asked whether our several day absence was because we had hopped a freight train with a hot partner and a bottle of bourbon, well, we appreciate the vote of confidence.  In fact, we were busy working to pay the bills.  However, speaking of bourbon, if we had been engaged in the activity mentioned in the opening sentence (other than in a daydream, aspirational sense, which describes most of our romantic encounters), we would have been drinking Boone's Bourbon.  And we are thinking about Boone's Bourbon because Tyler Boone, the founder of Boone's Bourbon, is releasing a terrific slice of bluesy rock and roll today.  In searching for song to feature in welcoming ourselves back to blogging, "When I Was Younger" shouldered its way to the head of the pack.  Slashing guitar, bluesy vocals, heavy bass and, in fact, a heavy vibe overall.  This is rock and roll, and we are back.  We will now cut the cake, ignore the cake, and commence sampling some bourbon.

"When I Was Younger" is out now as a digital download, so visit your favorite platform and enjoy what we are enjoying (well, minus this bourbon -- it is ours).


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