Friday, August 5, 2016

Acid Tongue - Beautiful Disaster EP

Last year we discovered a tasty EP titled I Died Dreaming by Seattle's Acid Tongue, which in our expert and unassailable opinion heralded the arrival of a very talented garage rock trio.  Guy, Ian and Jacob are back with four more of their freaky, edge-of-breakdown psych-garage gems on Beautiful Disaster, and the future couldn't be brighter.  There is a stoner, not-taking-this-too-seriously vibe, but the songs, while varied in style, are all well conceived and masterfully executed.  The garage rock rhythmic bones and guitar hooks are well adorned with soul and R&B touches and filled out with dark themes.  Listen to the psychedelic opener and the grungy "Mac and Me", and you'll be tempted to think you've heard the best of the record, but after listening to "Twister" and "Annie Get Your Scissors", I concluded that for my tastes, this EP is backloaded.

Beautiful Disaster is out via Seattle's Freakout Records (see Bandcamp link below) in digital, CD and cassette formats, and is available on digital platforms.  Failure By Design Records in the UK has a stock of cassettes of the EP as well.  Folks, this is a four-song gem for your weekend slacking around the 'hood.

Soundcloud for Beautiful Disaster EP
Bandcamp for Beautiful Disaster
Freakout Records

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