Monday, August 1, 2016

Wyatt Blair - Point of No Return

We may all regard ourselves as dedicated fans of modern indie rock, but we should be able to admit that sometimes there is nothing quite so satisfying as so classic '80s style rock.  You know what I'm talking about -- choruses to the rafters, big hooks, indulgent guitar solos, layers of synths, gloss, big hair, hyper-over production, and a glaze of swaggering glam.  But where can you get that sort of thing these days?  As always, we have you covered.  You will find all of the guilty pleasure goodness in Point of No Return by Wyatt Blair.

This album is one delicious '80s-hit-that-was-never-released-in-the'80s after another.  It is a soundtrack to a top grossing '80s brat pack movie that was never made.  It is your summer guilty pleasure that your friends actually will like unless they are too stiff to be worth it.  I will confess that when I first read about the album, including references to Kenny Loggins, I wasn't particularly interested.  But I tried a few tracks, and became a fan.  Play this album loud in the beach parking lot and, whatever your gender, you will be "the man".

Point of No Return is out this Friday, August 5, via Burger Records and Wyatt's own Lolipop Records.

Burger Records
Lolipop Records

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