Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Aug Stone and the Love Conspiracy -Don't Put A Time On Love / Written In The Stars

Do you want to be happy?  I most certainly want to be happy.  And few things make us happier than love (I know you like beer and pizza, but work with me here people).  So everyone should check out the new single from Aug Stone & The Love Conspiracy.  It consists of two tracks of upbeat, soul glazed pop.  The first song is "Don't Put A Time On Love", which is a wonderful ode to being in love, sardonic asides not withstanding, even if one doesn't consider the horns.  With the horns, it goes to my top ten songs of the year list.  After you swoon over that glorious dose of '60s-style elegant pop, you'll find that the flip side, "Written In The Stars", ramps up the R&B vibe to maximum effect.  And what is that effect, you ask?  Glad you asked -- there are two, (1) your body twitches in a personal approximation of dancing, and (2) you press the replay button.

Aug Stone is a writer and songwriter in the Boston area.  The single is out via London's Soft Bodies Records.  See the Bandcamp link below.

Blog for The Love Conspiracy
Bandcamp for record

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