Wednesday, August 3, 2016

"Sputnik" by Mumrunner

It has been our opinion for several years that some of the best shoegaze-oriented indie rock has come from Finland.  And one of the brightest lights is Tampere's Mumrunner.  Kati, Sauli, Juuso, and Jukka create music that spans the genre from the dream pop edge to the heavier, nearly abrasive sounds at the experimental end.  The guitars are big and encompassing, the melodic strains enticing.  The band will release an new EP titled Gentle Slopes in early September.  Helsinki's Soliti Music will handle the digital, while Germany's Wolves and Vibrancy Records will have 12" vinyl.  The first single from the EP is the lovely "Sputnik".

Soliti Music
Wolves and Vibrancy Records

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