Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Zone Out - Transience

Tune it to zone out.  Tune in to zone out. Tune in to zone .... oh, excuse me, I was deep into a blissful trance and didn't notice you all out there.  Melbourne duo Zone Out will do that to you.  With the intriguing production of Dove Bailey (also of garage outfit Scotdrakula) and the lovely but somehow charmingly biting vocals of Ashley Bundang (also of Totally Mild, Sui Zhen, and Ciggie Witch), their new LP Transience is the sort of delightfully fragile bedroom pop that should generate a wealth of obsessed fans.  Among the impressive elements are Ashley and Dove's ability to infuse the songs with emotion and detail while still exercising restraint.  Nothing hits you over the head, but rather the songs seep into your brain and leave little time release pleasure bombs that deliver long after the music fades.  This is shimmering, late night dream pop for people who want their observations delivered honestly, but won't complain if their is a bit of sugar to make the truth go down better.

Anxiety, heartbreak, ennui and resignation never sounded so damn good before.  Transience is out now in digital and vinyl via Deaf Ambitions.

Bandcamp for Transience
Deaf Ambitions

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