Thursday, June 30, 2016

PAWS - No Grace

Phillip, Josh and Ryan, the trio that comprises Glasgow's PAWS, have spent much of their recent lives on the road.  That kind of schedule can fuse the members together, or drive them apart.  In the case of this band, it appears to have made them closer.  2016 PAWS are a well oiled and A+ maintained rock machine, and they prove it without question on their new album, No Grace.  The pop punk delivery that thrilled us on their prior records  remains, but on this album there is a bit more polish.  The sound is big and bold, initially demanding your attention, and ultimately justifying the time spent listening.  Many records can give us pleasure, but the best give us songwriting that pulls no punches, and performances that evince utter conviction.  No Grace is such a record.  For us, a perfect triple bill right now would be PAWS, Royal Headache, and Blank Realm.  But until that happens, get this record.

No Grace is out now via FatCat Records.

Bandcamp page for No Grace
FatCat Records page for No Grace

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