Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cool Sounds - Dance Moves

For me, Dance Moves is an intensely evocative album.  It brings to mind the times in my life where I'm going to a specific place on a summer evening.  The sun is no longer high in the sky, but it isn't yet below the horizon.  The heat of the day is dissipating, and the breeze is refreshing.  I'm excited about my destination, whether it is a backyard party, a gathering on the beach, or a club with an open deck overlooking the water, but I'm enjoying the drive and savoring the anticipation and the journey.  Dance Moves could be playing in the car, but if it isn't, it is playing in my head.

Melbourne's Cool Sounds refers to their music as "jazz-gaze", but you'll probably need a bit more of a description.  The melodies are relaxed, the bass up-front and teasing.  The vocals and synths are warm and yearning, and the horns add the perfect layer of polish.  The vibe is chill from start to finish.  I feel comfortable suggesting that this is an album you will like more each time you hear it.  And I'm a current expert on the subject as I've listened to it five times today.  When I press publish on this post, I will relax and reward myself with a sixth.

This one is highly recommended for your summer transport soundtrack folks, and at home I would pair it with any fine beverage.  It is out now via Deaf Ambitions.

Deaf Ambitions

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