Friday, June 10, 2016

Tourist Dollars - Tourist Dollars EP

Have you made a list of things to accomplish this weekend?  I'll give you something to add to the list: Get the new Tourist Dollars EP.  Do so, and you will have four tracks of timeless, wide-scope pop to make everything else better.  Featuring soaring harmonies, an extra dose of reverb, a classic crooner's lead vocals and a Roy Orbison-like knack for make the song seem to reach  from the eastern horizon to the western horizon.  Previously, Tourist Dollars have only released a few singles, but on this record they sound like a band that has been perfecting their sound together for years.

Tourist Dollars EP is available now in digital and CD formats from Deaf Ambitions -- see the link below.

Tourist Dollars are Jesse McCormack, Dave McMillan, and Aiden McMillan.

Tourist Dollars EP: Order/Stream

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