Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Whitney Houston's Crypt EP 7"

Yesterday we offered releases that were gentle or slick.  Today's first offering is the self-titled 7" from a band named Whitney Houston's Crypt, so you can assume that today will be a bit noisier and a touch more abrasive.  O.K., more than a touch more abrasive, but a good life demands variety.  Three songs with massive percussion, two guitars that tease with a hint of groove and then join the percussionist in hammering your head, and screamed vocals that take you to the brink of catharsis.  The perpetrators are Ev, Neika, Scott, Tom, and Zoe, and they mean to scare you and thrill you in equal measure.  While I suspect that this act is well worth seeing live, their Australian location means that most of us will have to settle for the record, which does its part as great jump start to your day.  Whitney Houston's Crypt 7" is out now on Vacant Valley -- see the Bandcamp link below.


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