Friday, June 17, 2016

Red Sleeping Beauty - Kristina

It has been 27 years since Red Sleeping Beauty was formed in Stockholm, and 19 years since their last album, although some of its members also worked with other projects such as Acid House Kings and The Shermans during those years.  But the band's return with Kristina reveals that they have lost none of the qualities that make them a premier pop band.  Using analog electronic equipment and a guitar to illustrate their sharp songwriting and warm, yearning vocals, this band delivers the kind of pristine synth pop that justifies Scandinavia's reputation for indie pop perfection.  The ten songs on Kristina are tight, bright, sweet, shimmering and soothing.  As Red Sleeping Beauty seems to be its own adorable beast, comparisons to other bands seem inadequate, but envision Depeche Mode channeling the sounds of the best of bands from Sarah Records and the '80s new wave/new romantics movements and you'll be close.  And if that prompts you to ask whether some of the songs are dance-worthy, the answer is "yes".

While providing end-to-end pop pleasure, Kristina also has a celebratory vibe, which is understandable not only because of the band's return to recording, but also the emergence of member Kristina Borg from a fight with cancer.

Red Sleeping Beauty are Niklas Angergård, Kristina Borg, Carl-Johan Näsström, and Mikael Matsson.  Kristina is out now via Shelflife Records and Labrador Records in digital, CD, and limited vinyl formats.

Shelflife Records page for Kristina
Labrador Records

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