Thursday, June 2, 2016

"Souvenir Shop Rock" by Savoy Motel

Funky, ragged-edged rock with a deep groove and a chugging '70s riff.  My God, we love this stuff!  "Souvenir Shop Rock" is the latest gem from up-and-coming Nashville four-piece Savoy Motel.  Mining glam, blues, funk, boogie, and garage, and wrapping it up with a free-wheeling vibe, this band's couple of available songs may keep me up for another hour or so tonight.

Savoy Motel has one single, "Hot One" / "Souvenir Shop Rock".  Apparently, they are paired on a promotional 7" that isn't commercially available.  "Souvenir Shop Rock" was just aired, while "Hot One" was getting play a bit earlier.  Supposedly both will be on the band's first LP, which will be available later than we wish it were, even if it comes out next week.  Which, of course, it won't.

Savoy Motel are Jeffrey Novak (bass/vocals), Jessica McFarland (drums/vocals), Mimi Galbierz (guitar/vocals), and Dillon Watson (guitar).

Whats Your Rupture

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