Monday, June 13, 2016

Math and Physics Club - In This Together

Math and Physics Club are a Pacific Northwest treasure.  Their brand of jangling, melancholy guitar pop echos the work of The Lucksmiths, The Go-Betweens, and Belle and Sebastian, but with varying shades of attitude and nerdy self-awareness they manage to create a distinctive sound.  Their songs are airy and melodic while still sounding focused and sincere.  In the past eleven years they have released several LPs, as well as singles and EPs.  A number of their best songs were released only on singles and EPs which are no longer available, which has made appreciation of the band difficult for all but the most devoted fan who collected all of their work as released.  However, Matinee Recordings and Fika Recordings have stepped in with In This Together to help indie pop fans complete their collection.  The compilation collects Math and Physics Club songs that were released on EPs or singles, but never appeared on an album, and presents them in reverse chronological order.  Although it isn't billed as a greatest hits album, it comes close to serving as one and should become a favorite album for old and new fans alike.  I've had it on repeat for several days now, and it is like having a welcome old friend drop in for an extended stay.  Break out the good wine!

The band on the various recordings is Charles Bert, James Werle, Ethan Jones, Kevin Emerson, and Saundrah Humphrey.

Matinee Recordings page for In This Together

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