Monday, September 15, 2014

Time for some digital Dick diving!

"Say what?" I hear from our loyal readers.  You want us to do what with what?  I can't tell you how disappointed I am that everyone's mind immediately heads for the gutter instead of, for example, to their bookshelves to re-read Fitzgerald's Tender Is The Night.  But the real reason for my post has nothing to do with your base desires or your reading list.  It is to inform you that one of my favorite bands, in fact the band whose 2013 album was my album of the year (link), have scrimped, saved and stolen the coffee fund at Chapter Music to fund a trip to the United States.  The first date is September 19 in Los Angeles, and a list of shows and venues is provided below with, in some cases, links for ticket purchases.

I've already spilled a month's supply of digital ink extolling this Melbourne-based project, and those who are interested can use the search function on this page to find it.  But I'll point out that in my view Rupert Edwards (guitar, vocals), Alistair McKay (guitar, vocals), Steph Hughes (drums, vocals), and Al Montfort (bass, vocals) may some of the most charming, grounded, evocative and engaging guitar pop available today.  And to entice you to consider attending one of the shows on the tour (and/or buying some of their music, I've provided a little digital Dick Diver concert below.  So relax and listen to some Dicks at work.

First up is the B-side from their recent No Name Blues 7" for North American label Fruits & Flowers.

Next we have three songs from their excellent 2014 LP, Calendar Days -- the title track, "Water Damage", and "Alice.

"Time Life Life" is from a 2012 compilation for the band's Australian label, Chapter Music.

And I'm closing with two wonderful tracks from their first LP, New Start Again.  They are the first two tracks from the band that I heard, and I hope you like them as much as I do.

Chapter Music

Friday 19th September –
at Jewels Catch One
w/ Bouquet and Tortured Genies

Saturday 20th September
at Makeout Room
w/ Greg Ashley

Sunday 21st September
w/ Michael O + Odd Hope

Monday 22nd September
at Third Space
With Michael O and G Green

Tuesday 23rd September
House Show! (address oncoming)
w/ Woolen Men and Shelley Short/Jack Lewis collab

Wednesday 24th September
SEAVIEW (At the beach! Near Portland)
at the Sou Wester
with Michael Hurley and Shelley Short
(and it's the launch of the Sou Wester's new SPA!)

Thursday 25th September
w/ Final Bloom, Sapphire Mansions and The New Lines

Friday 26th September
w/ PC Worship, Free Time and Guerilla Toss

Saturday 27th September
at Boot and Saddle
with Dark Blue

Sunday 28th September
at Gooski's
with The City Buses

Monday 29th September –
at UFO Factory
w/ The Feelings

Tuesday 30th September
at FooBar
w/ R Stevie Moore and The Stevens

Thursday 2nd October
at The Burlington
Noise in My head book launch
w/ xNOBBQx and X Wave

Friday 3rd October
Hexagon Bar w/ The Velveteens + others
(presented by F Scott Fitzgerald Society)

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