Monday, September 22, 2014

REVIEW: Terry Malts - Insides EP

We confidently predicted that the new four-track EP from the San Francisco's Terry Malts would be good, and of course we were right.  This trio has a knack for combining melody, distortion, chainsaw guitar, feedback, roof-raising beats and positive energy into performances that remind you exactly why you like rock and roll.  You might regard them as sitting in the middle of the intersection of garage, power pop and punk, and it could well become your favorite musical address.  Their journey since forming in 2009 has produced two excellent LPs, and now continues with Insides EP, which is out September 23 via Slumberland Records.  The record starts out with "Let Me In", a thrilling version of the powerpop that this band does so well.  Go ahead and pump your fist in the air, you won't be alone.  "Grumpiest Old Men" can make all of us curmudgeons feel a bit better about ourselves -- maybe.  "Don't" is a dark foot-tapper.  The EP closes with Terry Malts' cover of The Chills' Hidden Bay; Dunedin guitar pop reimagined as West Coast garage fuzz.

Somewhere between the dark, we-can't-be-bothered anger and disenchantment of The Jesus and Mary Chain and the in-your-face outsider buzzsaw pop of The Ramones, is Terry Malts.  And that gives them a lot of room to work their magic.  This could be your best legal source of energy as you slide into fall.

Terry Malts is Phil Benson (bass/vocals), Corey Cunningham (guitar/vocals) and Nathan Sweet (drums/vocals).

Slumberland Records

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