Friday, December 21, 2012

The Soul Corner - "She Shot a Hole in My Soul"

We've got a fairly obscure one this week, but a song that I've loved since first hearing it at "beach music"  parties in North Carolina 25 years ago.

From 1967, Clifford Curry, "She Shot a Hole in My Soul":

It's got the call and response, some terrific horn lines, a perfect vocal and a greasy guitar sound at the beginning that I've always wished there were more of.

No less an expert on southern soul-pop than the great Alex Chilton, whose birthday is Dec 20, covered "She Shot a Hole in My Soul" with the Box Tops:

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Edoc said...

Nice. A cool soul tune and an Alex Chilton reference to boot. I was just thinking about Alex this morning because I was listening to Badfinger's stunner album Straight Up.