Thursday, December 13, 2012

Introducing: Hunk!

Would you like some Hunk! for the holiday season?  I suppose you are the picky type and you want more information before committing.  Well then, Hunk! are two young ladies and one young man from Ireland (Galway, Cork and Kerry, to be specific).  Sundra and Niamh founded the band and later added Ger to pound the drums.  On aural evidence, this crew likes lo-fi, fuzzy guitar pop and is unafraid to make some noise.  Their debut into your world comes via Livingston, Scotland's Soft Power Records, which is releasing a two-track single on December 17.  Note that the record will be available only on a very limited basis: 100 cassettes with a download.  Whether separate downloads are available after the cassettes are gone, I do no know.  Listen to the tracks below, and if you like them contact Soft Power soon, because their stuff sells out quickly.

Bandcamp link for single
Twitter ( @hunkband )
Soft Power Records

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