Thursday, September 1, 2011

Emerging Seattle Band: Pickwick

Not to get too confessional with all of you virtual strangers, but I'm genuinely remorseful that, as a Seattle-based music blogger, I haven't presented this band to you before now. In addition to exuding quality, and a personalized take on a respected genre, Seattle's Pickwick wins the highly coveted "Best Reinvention" prize from When You Motor Away. The band now presents a R&B/neo-soul oriented version of indie pop along with some of the best vocals I've heard lately. However, when formed in 2008 Pickwick had an alt country sound, and then they tried their luck as a folk act. While struggling to attract a following in those musical spaces, the lead vocalist, Galen Disston, was inspired by Sam Cooke recordings to try a musical style that allowed greater vocal range. The happy result is represented in this live recording from January of this year:

Live From The Basement - Pickwick from Sound on the Sound on Vimeo.

Apparently, enthused by Disston's vision for a new direction, the rockers dug into Stax and Motown recordings. In my view, the result isn't a cover of those great old sounds, but the Pickwick version of those sounds. Yes, the rhythms and vocals are R&B and soul, but there still is an indie rock edge and jangle to the proceedings. I like the result a lot, and hope it helps them stand out.

Here is their March 25, 2011, release, Myths, Vol. 3:

In addition to Disston, the band is comprised of Michael Parker, Garrett Parker, Matt Emmett, Cassady Lillstrom, and Kory Kruckenberg. The band is working on an album intended for release in 2012. I'm not aware of any label in the picture at this point.

Myths, Vol. 2 from December 17, 2010:

Myths, Vol. 1 from November 2010


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