Friday, September 2, 2011

New Single and Video: Veronica Falls - "Bad Feeling"

We recently learned of a new single from the UK band Veronica Falls. "Bad Feeling" is released on Slumberland Records in the US and Canada. The release is accompanied by a video directed by Philippa Bloomfield, which we've provided below as it is an enjoyable way to experience the song. Veronica Falls is Roxanne Clifford, Patrick Doyle, James Hoare and Marion Herbain. Their sweet spot is well crafted, great sounding pop songs with a dark cast. They will be releasing their self titled debut album later this month.

As for "Bad Feeling", I like this song quite a bit. It has a good melody with a nice jangly delivery and insistent rhythm. The vocals have quality that remind me of the 60s, but it a good way. If this is a representative taste of the album, I'm looking forward to eating the whole thing.

"Bad Feeling"

Veronica Falls - Bad Feeling from Slumberland Records on Vimeo.


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Anonymous said...

Listed to the internet leak today of the entire album. I didn't turn the damn album off all day. I'll be giving them my money when it comes out.