Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Discovery: Dibiase - Here Comes Forever EP

Dibiase is a strong instrumental four-piece from the Collinwood, Illinois (St. Louis area). When I say strong, believe me I mean it. This is real good heavy rock music, of the variety that you sometimes see referred to as "stoner rock": heavy riffs, great drumming and bass on the bottom, just real hair-shaking, head-bouncing stuff. They've got a new EP due out next Tuesday, Sept 13 which, based on these two tracks, I'd definitely recommend checking out.

It's on a newly-formed label Earth Analog, which was started by Hum's Matt Talbott and also refers to the recording style.

According to Talbot: The impetus for the label came from my desire to marry bands I liked with traditional analog recording methods in a real studio (In this case, my studio, Earth Analog). I know that doesn’t sound very exotic…but bands are now so used to working on computers and with unlimited tracks, editing, and processing capabilities. My studio offers an alternative to that. I still think tape sounds better than any analog to digital converter I’ve ever heard, and the track count and editing limitations put the focus squarely on the band, their songs, and their performances.

Here's "Hails from Dark Places": Dibiase: "Hails from Dark Places" by earthanalog

And here's "12 Pound Tooth": Dibiase: "12 Pound Tooth" by earthanalog

I'll be looking for more from this group... and label.

Dibiase Facebook Page

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