Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tournamental - Go vote for your favorites!

From Pollard's Facebook, I followed a link to this site:

Tournamental: Forcing Art to Compete

Current matchup is GbV vs Lynyrd Skynyrd, and while I do favor GbV, I think these two ought to be facing one another a bit later in the competition...

From the explanatory post at the outset of the tournament in February 2011: "The tournament is primarily a great way to waste time, have fun arguments and watch old concert footage. Secondarily, it is about forcing pieces of art to compete with one another."

And here's the bracket.

Some of these, honestly, look like an NBA vs a high school team more than a 1-16 in the NCAA's. Prince vs of Montreal? But that's why they play the games!

First step: Let's eliminate Billy Joel. Whatever we disagree on, surely we can all agree on that...

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