Monday, March 14, 2011

New Sounds of Scotland--Part 6: Weather Barn, Two Zebras, Digital Jones

Weather Barn

Music from the regions of the US that produce oil often has a "country" flavor to it. Here is a band from the oil regions of Scotland (Aberdeen, which is the home base for much of the North Sea oil production) that reflects a bit of that style as well. The band's name is Weather Barn. Weather Barn consist of brothers Steve and Matt Morris, Iain Dallas and Daryl Rankin. One blogger described their music as ranging from twee pop to southern boogie. However, the bottom line is that it has hooks, harmony, energy and lots of guitar. I think they could go far.

Their latest release, a three song affair called Boat Ride, was available on line at the end of February. There is a Band of Horses influence evident in some of their music, but they are capable of a more uptempo approach as well (check out "Cinnamon Hill" at the Soundcloud link following the embedded music).

Park Hands by Weather Barn
The Boat Ride (Out on iTunes 28th March 2011) by Weather Barn
Band page at Kittiwake Records

Two Zebras

Danny McGuire records under the name Two Zebras. He self-describes the style as lo-fi powerpop, and I think he's got that right.

While the young Scot has been living in Canada, his distinctively hoarse voice retains its distinctive Glasgow accent. At this point, Danny is a one-man band. His plan is to move to Amsterdam so he can travel and perform in Europe. It is my understanding that the only available recordings are a double A-side released March 1 and containing the above "Dreams" and the following "Desperately Seeking Something", and a previously released Anecdotes EP.

Anecdotes EP


Digital Jones

Sometimes bands obviously using synthesizers get a bad rap, but I think that the flexibility in sound added by a synth should be embraced by the indie rock scene. Here is the interesting sound of Digital Jones -- live base, drums and horn, synthesizer and a female lead singer born to entertain.

The combination allows a small group to deliver a satisfyingly large sound in a club atmosphere.


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