Friday, March 25, 2011

Australian relics -- Lime Spiders; Beasts of Bourbon

I had a housemate in school named Joe who'd always come back from a trip home with something really cool he'd picked up at his local record store. Near the top of that list of cool things was the time he cranked the hell out of the 'Slave Girl' EP by an Australian garage punk band called the Lime Spiders. I think it was an import, because I've never seen it on a record shelf. There's not a good version of 'Slave Girl' on youtube, but that EP and their first album were full of great songs. Check out a couple:

Weirdo Libido

Out of Control

Formed in Sydney (by way of Perth and Brisbane) in the early 80s, the members of Beasts of Bourbon are probably more famous for their other bands, including Cruel Sea and the Hoodoo Gurus, than this ass-kicking bar band. They have a great swamp vibe, and Tex Perkins is one of that small group of guys who was just born to be a rock and roll singer.

I Told You So

The Hate Inside

"I hate the dog, I hate my wife. I hate my two kids, and they hate me coz inside hate is all this family gives"

Let's Get Funky


This is a cover of the song written by country legend Leon Payne. Shows Tex's tender side.

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