Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I didn't have anything planned for release today, but after listening to the radio I resolved to give the readers a few bands that are Irish, or have Irish connections, to celebrate the holiday. No traditional stuff, as there is plenty of that around today.

Them (Van Morrison with "Gloria"

The Undertones with "Teenage Kicks"

"Here Comes the Summer"

Stiff Little Fingers with "Alternative Ulster"

The Cranberries with "Dreams"

The Waterboys with "Fisherman's Blues". Yeah, Mike Scott's Scottish (and an all around good guy), but the band has Irish connections and has maintained them over the years, so we'll give them a slot.

The Irishness of The Pogues has been debated enough. They make the cut, and I don't have to defend it. Consider it a reminder to floss and brush even when you've been drinking.

Snow Patrol was formed in Glasgow where the members were attending school, but the original members were from Northern Ireland. This is a cover of the above Undertones song that was recorded for a John Peel memorial after he died a few years back. I think this is a good closer.

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Jim Desmond said...

Good call on Alternative Ulster. Love that song and hadn't heard it a long time.