Sunday, March 27, 2011

Midnight World Pop Scout-7: Hot, Cool and Dread: Sofrito, Robot Science, Rootz Underground

Our friend Josh recently returned from a brief jaunt to London, and gave us a tip about the a DJ who lived in the same building as a friend of his. The DJ is part of an Afro, Caribbean and Latin music collective called Sofrito. According to their website the collective consists of DJs Hugo Mendez and Frankie Francis alongside The Mighty Crime Minister. Their album, Tropical Discotheque, is packed with great grooves, spanning highlife, calypso, west African rhythms and cumbia from Latin America. For years this collective has had the reputation of being the definitive life of the dance party in London, the Mediterranean or wherever. Now you can have it in your own hard drive, and it could well be your go-to summer party soundtrack.

Soundcloud preview mix of album on Strut:
Sofrito: Tropical Discotheque mini-mix by DJ Hugo Mendez by Strut

A bit of backstory:

Sofrito Website
Second Website

Robot Science is University of California at Berkeley student Charlie Yin. His sound is icy, dreamy electronic and dance.


Rootz Underground is a modern roots reggae band from Kingston Jamaica. But roots reggae really isn't a term that does them justice. There is a rock element, and a flair for showmanship that takes them beyond the perceptions of their base genre. Here is "In the Jungle" from their 2008 album Movement:

They have played SxSW in the past, and currently are touring in Europe.
And "Hammer" from the same album:

"Victims of the System"


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