Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Cousin, The Emperor: The Subway EPs

If, like me, you kind of miss Whiskeytown now and then, this may hit the spot for you. My Cousin, The Emperor is singer/songwriter Jason Reischel and his band: Terry Quire on guitar, Michael Feinberg on bass and Danny Wolf on drums. They're based in Brooklyn and have just released a pair of EP's titled The Subway EPs. Volume 1 is Prospect Park West, and is the more acoustic of the pair, with wonderful vocal harmonies and plenty of steel guitar and a bit of lead guitar to supplement the excellent strummed acoustic. Volume 2 is Broadway-Lafayette, and the more rocking of the two. Both are written and performed at a very high level... if there was a place for country-rock on the radio, it's likely that these would be hits.

Regardless, folks who are willing to check out new music will be richly rewarded for giving My Cousin, The Emperor a listen. If you're in the NYC area, they're doing a show in Brooklyn April 9.

Here's a video of them performing "I Cried For You" from 2009's A Long Way From Home:

Click here for a free download of "Nothing Left for Us to Find" from Volume 2:

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: My Cousin, The Emperor - "Nothing Left For Us to Find"

And you can stream and download all three records at their Bandcamp page, and learn more at their website or MySpace pages.

Bookmark their website, as they will likely be touring to support those EPs... and probably put on a great show. Not to mention, they aren't likely to get all upset and have you kicked out for requesting "Summer of 69".

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