Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Old Stuff: The Jangle

No reggae lecture this Friday. Instead, I'm going to indulgently post some clips of old bands that may not be well known, but produced one of my favorite sounds in rock: The jangling, chiming guitar common in powerpop, indie rock and even twee. Many would recognize the sound from the early catalog of The Byrds. There won't be any analysis because there isn't much to say other than my music pleasure sensors max out on this sound. My only regret is that I have to limit the representative bands and songs from the chosen bands. Most of these bands are bands from the '80s UK pop scene, many of whom were considered part of the "C-86" era.

Scotland's Close Lobsters (which is the answer to the trivia question, what did the band do when some members wanted to call the band The Close" and some wanted to call it "The Lobsters"). These guys get two slots, because it is my post.

However, my favorite band name of the bunch -- 14 Iced Bears

The Popguns, from Brighton, UK:


The Chesterfields

The Jasmine Minks

Mighty Mighty

I'll save some of my favorites for another Friday.

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