Saturday, March 5, 2011

Midnight World Pop Scout-4: Louche FC, Moscow Olympics, DJ Y alias JY, The Viceroys

Here is the fourth in the weekend series of pop from around the world. Listen and explore.

The Louche FC is a Manchester, UK four-piece signed to SWAYS Records. The style is jangly indie noise pop and shoegaze with female vocals, almost like a combination of early 60s girl-group pop and Swervedriver with some Orange Juice jangle. Or, as some do, you can call it "Orbison Shoegaze". The song below is "Motorcycle Au Pair Boy". Check out the following Myspace link for two additional nice songs, especially "Back Bedroom Casualty". I hope that we get an album soon.

The Louche F.C - Motorcycle Au Pair Boy by sways

UPDATE: Here is a video for the above song, performed live in Manchester:

And another great song at a little slower pace:


Many of us were disappointed with the Moscow Olympics in 1980, but we now have a reason to celebrate the Moscow Olympics. This version is a promising shoegaze group from the Philippines. The guitars wash over the listener in chiming waves.



It is modern and it is German so, of course, it is electronic and time to dance! Here is DJ Y alias JY from Munich.

If you like his work, click on the link below and get busy downloading a bunch of his mashups.

DJ Y alias JY's downloadable mashups

We'll end with an acoustic version of "Heart Made of Stone" by Jamaica's Viceroys. The cut is from the wonderful 'inna de yard' series, which seeks to present reggae classics as composed in the yards of the ghetto residences.

Inna de yard website

Inna de yard Myspace

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