Friday, January 28, 2022

"Strawberry Boy" by Boy With Apple


Sweden's Boy With Apple is new for us, but they certainly have grabbed our attention with their new single "Strawberry Boy". It is a fully fleshed out post-punk track with soaring '80s synth pop vibe that just makes us feel good all over. The Gothenburg-based trio is releasing three singles this spring, and then will record an LP.

The members of Boy With Apple are Zara Henriksson, Saga Fransson, and Tim Hedlund. "Strawberry Boy" is released via VARO Records.


Bandcamp for Strawberry Boy

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Unknown said...

I always think of who else an artist or a what else a song prompts me the sound is similar to. Just how I am and listen to things personally. I thought of The Radio Dept. (another Swedish group) and 'Say No to Love' by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Those are male vocalists, I believe, where here the vocals sound feminine. I don't know, it was a little too much of a similarity for me to think of this as unique, but I appreciate the share.