Sunday, January 30, 2022

Josephine Foster - Godmother


Josephine Foster is a unique and special artist. Her vocal style has been termed operatic and even 'old timey' (as in a radio show from the 1930s). But regardless of label, her voice is lovely and expressive, as well as distinctive. Her songwriting style is art folk, but as she notes it owes as much to Tin Pan Alley as the American folk songbook. Her themes are introspective, spiritual, and cosmic.

Foster's new album is titled Godmother, and for our tastes it is a noteworthy and consistently high quality set of songs. It is noteworthy because unlike previous records, Foster's aural palette includes more expansive instrumentation, including synths and other electronics. As for the consistent quality, you will have to let your ears guide you. However, we can't imagine a music fan settling into a chair by the fire and cuing this album to be anything other than relaxed, inspired, and impressed. This is our favorite album by Foster to date, and if this signals a new approach to recording for her, we say bring it on.

Godmother is out now in vinyl, CD and digital formats via Fire Records.

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