Monday, January 3, 2022

Color Dolor - Blurry Things


Finnish duo Color Dolor are versatile, with past recordings bearing elements of dreampop, electronica, R&B, and club music. However, for the recently released Blurry Things Stina Koistinen (vocals) and Nicolas "Leissi" Rehn (instruments and programming)  have focused a bit more tightly in the dreampop realm. The promo promises magical sounds and, to our ears, the band delivers on the promise. The songs on Blurry Things are bright, colorful, and dynamic with a plentitude of delightful details sprinkled in like extra ribbons on the presents we opened last month. This album really is like just now finding a lost pile of presents that were overlooked at the side of the overstuffed chair on Christmas morning.

Blurry Things is out now via Helsinki's Soliti Music.



Bandcamp for Blurry Things

Soliti Music

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