Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Exbats - Now Where Were We

 Now Where Were We seems like the perfect album title for this post because we have been a bit negligent in our goal to make at least one post a day. But the only remedy is to dive back in, so we begin again in covering music we like that you might otherwise miss.

This album is by a southern Arizona band named The Exbats. We note that none of the four members  of this group actually were ever a member of the legendary New Zealand quartet The Bats, but this 12-track album they have created easily is among the most fun set of songs we have heard this year. End to end energetic guitar pop with clever lyrics and a sassy-with-a-wink delivery. If you like your garage rock fun and with a dose of attitude, this is a can't miss acquisition.

The Exbats are Kenny McLain, Inez McLain and Bobby Carlson Jr. Now Where Were We is out now via Goner Records.




Bandcamp for album

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