Saturday, November 6, 2021

Good Morning - Barnyard


Good Morning have a winning alchemy of serious, thoughtful themes and proficient musicianship that transcends the lo-fi packaging. The Melbourne duo of Liam Parsons and Stefan Blair have released three previous albums and some EPs and singles, but for our ears the new Barnyard is their best record yet. The differences from its predecessors don't necessarily hit you in the face, but are cumulative and, collectively, meaningful. Their songwriting has always been good, but on Barnyard it is sharp and consistent. The production is a step up as well. Enough remnants of scuzz pop remain so that you know Liam and Stefan haven't forgotten who they are and why they are there, but it doesn't hide the sneakily nuanced vocals, harmonies and mature songcraft. This is truly good stuff, and it gets better with each replay.

Barnyard is out now via Polyvinyl Record Co.




Bandcamp for Barnyard

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