Sunday, November 14, 2021

French For Rabbits - The Overflow


It poured rain all day here, as it has for most of the last several weeks. My residence is not in danger of flooding, but my spirits are sufficiently dampened that I have been avoiding touching electrical devices for fear of electrocution. However, I was able to significantly improve my mood today by repeatedly listening to The Overflow by Wellington, New Zealand's French For Rabbits, so I am risking a keyboard to tell you about the album. The creators are a five-piece band that combines atmospheric dream pop with a blend of folk and bright pop. While the songwriting perspective is that of introverts and outsiders, the music shimmers and has done wonders for my emotional gloom. Check it out.

French For Rabbits are Brooke Singer (vocals), John Fitzgerald (guitar), Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa (drums), Ben Lemi (multiple instruments), and Penelope Esplin (multiple instruments. The Overflow is out now via Reckless Yes, AAA records, and A Modest Proposal.





Bandcamp for The Overflow

Various links for the band and their music

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