Saturday, November 6, 2021

Broken Chanter - Catastrophe Hits

We morned the demise of Scotland's Kid Canaveral -- hooks, humor and good musicianship help pass the sometimes dreary Pacific Northwest days. But we still get a taste via Broken Chanter, the solo plus friends project of KC vocalist David MacGregor. His latest set of songs is Catastrophe Hits, which is out now via two of our favorite labels north of Hadrian's decrepit wall, Last Night From Glasgow and Olive Grove Records. David's vocal prowess remains remarkable, but this project is a bit of a shift from KC. The themes are a bit broader, the focus a bit sharper, and the perspective a more hard-minded. But the euphoric pop smarts remain intact, so Catastrophe Hits is music for the brain and the heart. 

We think this album is good for anytime, anywhere. But it is particularly recommended for these shortened, wetter days in the Northern Hemisphere. No prescription required.




Bandcamp for Catastrophe Hits

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