Friday, December 11, 2020

Skink Tank - Skink Tank EP


It almost is hard work keeping up with the jangle-oriented guitar bands of Melbourne. We say "almost" because while it takes time, it is pure pleasure. In terms of volume and quality Melbourne has pulled up to the top tier with New York, Glasgow and a few others. Today's fairly fresh discovery is Skink Tank. This trio is rambunctious, positive, tuneful, and based on their self-titled, seven-track EP, talented. There is plenty of passion, although it seems that they don't want to be seen as trying too hard. It is all blue-collar and Friday-night fun. We are disappointed that we can't just head out the door and see them live in a neighborhood bar. However, we have a few weeks of test driving this EP, and we assure you that is sounds damn fine in your own home. Our mood improves each time we play it. And for that, our partners thank Skink Tank, our kids thank Skink Tank, our dogs thank Skink Tank, our cats ... well, to be honest, the cat ignores us completely.

Skink Tank are Maggins on bass and vocals, Ricko on guitars and vocals, and Ally on drums and vocals. The EP is out now in digital and cassette formats via Psychic Hysteria.


Bandcamp for Skink Tank EP

Psychic Hysteria

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