Tuesday, December 8, 2020

"Common Sense" by Melby


Happy day! One of our favorite Nordic bands, Swedish quartet Melby, is back with new single "Common Sense". While retaining the charm of their past work, the new song expands their range from their psych pop roots to a more sophisticated pop with a bubbling groove. We like it quite a bit, and suggest that you may as well.

Melby are Matilda Wiezell, Are Engen Steinsholm, David Jehrlander, and Teo Jernkvist. "Common Sense" is out now as a digital release via Sweden's Rama Lama Records and Germany's Sinnbus.



Bandcamp for "Common Sense"

Various links for "Common Sense"


Common Sense is out on Rama Lama Records (ROW) and Sinnbus (GSA) on December 8th. The track was recorded with and produced by Alexander Eldefors.

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