Tuesday, December 1, 2020

KO:MI - We Said We Didn't Know But We Knew


We Said We Didn't Know But We Knew is an exotic but eminently accessible tapestry of Nordic indie folk, electro pop and alternative pop. The creators are Finnish band KO:MI, comprised of  Sanna Komi (vocals, violin, songs and lyrics), with Mikko Joensuu (vocals), Suvi Linnovaara (clarinet and flute), Saara Viika (cello), Markus Perttula (double bass and vocals), and Teemu Tanner (backing vocals). Sanna is also known and respected for her work with Pintandwefall, Kynnet, and Cats of Transnistria, and we have followed her career with interest and pleasure. As KO:MI, she seems especially free to pursue her thematic and musical vision, and has crafted an intellectually intriguing exploration of relationships with the background of a challenging social environment. And the music, well, that is classic Komi, combining traditional and experimental in ways that please the ear and challenge expectations. One moment she is a pop star cooing in your ear, the next moment she is an ambient producer, and the next a choir on Sunday morning. Dazzling and satisfying in equal measure.

We Said We Didn't Know But We Knew is out now via Helsinki's Soliti Music.



Bandcamp for album

Soliti Music page for KO:MI

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