Friday, April 17, 2020

"Sway" by Virginia Trance

There is no shame for the artist when the listener perceives the artist's influences when listening. This is especially true when the detected influences are as worthy as the Velvet Underground, David Kilgour, The Clean, The Bats, Galaxie 500, Felt, and Dream Syndicate. So we are happy to bring to our readers' ears "Sway", the new single by Virginia Trance. Taken from the band's May 8 release Vincent's Playlist, the song is an engaging psychedelic pop tune with a gently chugging beat and a warm jangle. If the rest of the album matches this single, it will be a keeper.

Virginia Trance is Scott Ryan Davis, with Chris Millstein, Jimy Seitang, RJ Gordon, Ran Weisheit, and Sam Maquieira. Vincent's Playlist will be released via BYM Records.

Bandcamp for Vincent's Playlist
BYM Records

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Juan Pablo Rodríguez Guiñez said...

2 great songs successfully delivered, the album is a blast