Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Vapour Trails - Godspeed It

In a musical context, the term 'vapour trails' may invoke British shoegaze aces Ride.  The name Aberdeen may remind listeners of the grunge movement, as Aberdeen, Washington was where Kurt Cobain grew up.  Well, forget all that.  The Vapour Trails are, indeed, not even based in that rainy town on the Pacific coast of Washington (despite my original post suggesting that they were).  Instead, they are based in Aberdeen Scotland (the site of The Blood Road, a novel I happen to be reading at this very moment).  However, their musical creations are neither shoegaze nor grunge, but rather that WYMA staple -- jangle pop.  And not only do they jangle, but they are generously inclined, as evidenced by the 'name your price' availability of the three-song Godspeed It.  Jangle and harmony's and a good rocking vibe, like it was created just for us in a laboratory!

The Vapour Trails are Scott Robertson (lead guitar/vocals), Nicholas Mackie (vocals/rhythm guitar), Kev Robertson (vocals/rhythm guitar), Andrew Crossan (bass), and Kenny Munro (drums/percussion).


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