Thursday, March 21, 2019

Julia Rakel - fEElz EP

On her debut EP fEELz, Julia Rakel perfectly captures the interior conversations of a young woman looking at the world.  The observations may not be her same observations in five years, or even next year.  But they are immediate and real.  The Swedish musician and producer has a critical eye and a knack for writing lyrics that are clever, but not slick, and honest, but not mean.  The arrangements are dreamy and varied and achieve a perfect balance between her vocals and the music.  Overall, the six tracks present our first look at a fresh and exciting talent, and fill our ears like sunshine on our faces on a spring day.

Credit Rama Lama Records, and emerging bright light on the Swedish music landscape, for recognizing this young talent and providing her with a platform.  fEELz is out now in digital and vinyl formats.

Bandcamp for fEELz EP
Soundcloud for fEELz EP
Various links to source EP

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