Thursday, March 7, 2019

"Heaven" by bdrmm

If you woke up this morning aching to hear an inspiring combination of '80s synth pop and shoegaze, we have a great song for you.  And if the previous sentence doesn't describe you, we still have a great song for you.  We are very accommodating that way.

The song is "Heaven", by Hull, UK quintet bdrmm.  We suppose that the name references music made in one or more bedrooms, but verification of that assumption would require research, which sounds a lot like work.  So that isn't likely to happen, is it?  Regardless, this song pushes all the right buttons for us this morning.  Get it now as a digital download via Permanent Creeps.

bdrmm are Ryan Smith, Jordan Smith, Joe Vickers, Daniel Hull, and Luke Irvin.

Spotify page for bdrmm

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