Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Colourful Band - Deal

We have received a few messages asking us if we are on vacation.  The answer, regrettably, is "no".  Our failure to post is more due to the fact that end-of-season sales are here for winter sports, and taking advantage of such sales requires cash.  So we actually (shudder) have been working to be able to pay the credit card bills when they arrive.  And speaking of work and winter ...

Fortunately for Ian McKelvie and his bride, the man has a job.  Unfortunately, for the rest of us it means that we have to endure long waits for new music.  Recording and performing as the Colourful Band, Ian has impressed us greatly since we first encountered his music.  We just don't get enough of it.  However, he does create when he has the time -- and the tuneful Scot was ensconced in the frozen Canadian north woods this winter -- so we finally have a new album.

Ian is a man that can craft an engaging singalong our of nothing at all.  Do you doubt us?  Check out the closing track on his new album, Deal: "Song About Nothing".  See, we told you!  His channel is folk/folk rock, but his channel is appealingly wide.  Treat your ears to the '60s retro garage rocker "Stolen Police Car", the country-shaded "Country Blue Eyes", the gentle folk of "Adrenaline", the bouncy alternative pop of "Come On Everybody", the jangle pop of "Christmas Bells", or song with a hidden meaning, "Festival in 1995" (spoiler alert: Its about a festival in 1995).  This is a fine set of songs that will help make you happier, wealthier, and wiser (or at least two of the three, and that is more than enough for us).

On Deal, The Colourful Band is Ian (vocals/guitar), Sam Stevenson (bass/backing vocals), Richie McHugh (drums on all but one track), and Andrew Howden (drums on Christmas Bells).  Deal is out now as a digital download -- see the Bandcamp link.

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